9 Responses to “who am i kidding?”

  1. I love it when I’m right… which is always.


  2. can you post something else besides diapers? Im getting a little sick of it & Im sure Im not the only one!

  3. oops thats “selfie” not selfish… dunno how that one happened!

    • Pamperfag says:

      So licking/kssing the toliet, giving myself a swirlie and taking pictures outself oh and outfits..Hmmm, this is gonna be tricky but i think i can figure something out! I might have some diaper involed still, but it’ll be on my stuipd face now.

  4. spoiledjenny says:

    Ewww that is one puffy lookin pamper, I think im gonna puke.
    Princess Jenny

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