3 Responses to “What to do??”

  1. well yeah just come right out ad tell her youre a girlie boy… thats #1 humiliating Im sure and #2 if that doest work show up some time with perfume on and pink lip gloss!
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  2. Snobby Alexa says:

    Just admit you’re a total faggy sissy boy! Ask her to give you a makeover including makeup, clothes, and heels! Then have her snap some pics of you and then come upload them here so we can see what a prissy sissy you really are! HAH!

  3. spoiledjenny says:

    If you’re a real pussy boy fag then just say it you pussy! Or you might just want to tell her you love her lipstick and ask her if you can use it because your cock loving lips are chapped.
    ha ha ha
    Princess Jenny

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