6 Responses to “What Kind Of A Man?”

  1. Marc Côté says:

    Nice, I would let anyone photograph me like that

  2. DominaKiara says:

    Clearly that’s not a man at all, it’s a humiliated sissy loser.

    Mistress Kiara

  3. Samantha says:

    Thanks Mistress Kiara

  4. spoiledjenny says:

    I don’t see a man anywhere in this photo, all I see is some trashy rag in some broke ass looking bed.
    Princess Jenny

  5. Honey Cash says:

    Ew. I don’t see a man, either. I see a really trashy two-dollar-whore wanna be. This guy should be working a corner in the slums and putting his ass to work for a cause. Not that he’d be allowed to KEEP that money. God, if he kept it, he’d just buy more trashy clothes that don’t fit (or look good) at all. Better to put the money towards something that actually matters – like spoiling REAL women.

  6. Samantha says:

    Thanks Mistress Honey Cash. Wish I could do that for you.

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