10 Responses to “today lesson: Google owns you”

  1. bahahahah!

    That’s what you get for being a diaper perv.

    Gross fucker!

    • Pamperfag says:

      I know. my former goddess is actually trying to help me get mental health and quit this whole thing. So I won’t be adding anymore posts to this site..wheter thats a good thing or not from your POV i don’t know. It’s been fun, But I need to put this part of my life behind me and grown the fuck up.

      • This part of your life? You’re a through and through loser, you’ll never change. Do yourself a favor a create a pseudopersona and become “anonymous” again LOL then you can enjoy all of the free humiliation and start PAYING for it diaper perv. It’s your own fault that you’ve been outted. Anyone trying to change you into anything but the proper loser you are, isn’t a true Dominant.

  2. spoiledjenny says:

    You fat piece of shit, I can only imagine the horrible smell coming from your body at all times. How do they even make a diaper in size GINORMOUS. You’re a total diaper fag LOSER!
    Princess Jenny

    • Pamperfag says:

      Like I said above, you won’t have to see anymore pictures of me as i’m going to be knocking this shit off. the only reason i’m on this site anymore is to see if maybe the posts were taken down. vain hope i know but i really do wanna stop this fucked up fetish and go on to be at least a semi normal person.

    • Pamperfag says:

      She’s just trying to help me because of what we used to have.
      More likly yeah..once i start getting my checks i’m going to be begging to like, buy shit from you. >_<

  3. cant you be a sissy or a hooker or something? I mean youre so fking stupid that you may as well become a real legit cock sucker… not the bull shit kind that dont do it – but REALLY actually make us money… youre fucked!

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