The stupid thing i did this weekend

I really did it now. Saturday night i was home along and all indiapers and a bra (yeah, nice mental image right?) and well,i was on facebook and saw my old girlfriend was online.

though we broke up quite awhile ago i still chatwith her and stuff. mentioned ehr a few timesbefore on here too.

well we were chatting back and forth..and in a moment of sissy weakness i told her about a e-mail i had recived from a pervert. how the loser was in diapers and a dress.

As you mayof guess, there was no e-mail..but i wanted to see her reaction.

she laughed and said thats funny..and i asked if she wanted to see the pcitures.

she aid no thanks..but later we swapped over to chatting on MSN.

we were chatting some more and she commented on going to bed with a erotic noval soon, and i joked that she wouldn’t be able to sleep if she had seen what i had. she luaghed and said prove i sent her a picture.

it was of my diapered butt and a pink top..and the ass had sissy loser written on it. she laughed and was kinda shocked..but din’t flip out or i sent a few more.

over the rest of the weekend i would ’recive’ more emails for the perv, and i’d share the pictures with her for a laugh..she was always amaused at them and agreed with me when i’d go on about what a loser the guy (me) must be.

then last night i was doingit again..when she commented

”That last picture looks like you.”

I froze on my end of things..then quickly typed out a WHattttt and went on the defensive, even sending a non fetish pictureofmyself to her to try and show that it wasn’t me in the picture (I had edited any pictures with my face showing so it wasn’t)

She was like yeah whatever..and in anther moment of weakness I told her i had a huge serect but she couldn’t tell anyone.. right after i hit enter i started to freak and honest to god, tried to follow up with ”I’m batman lol.”

she didn’t buy it and then kept pressing me to tell her what the serect was.

Finally in the end i admitted that she had been right to say that i looked like the diaper boy..cause they were pictures of me.

her reply:

”I’m not stuipd gary.”

”You knew!? For how long?”

”Since the first one.”

so all that time of laughing at some random dude with me and agreeing about what a total loser the guy was..she knew it was me the whole time!

She asked me why i had done it, but didn’t seem mad and with nothing to lose i admited that i loved having her laugh at me. that i was hoping she wouldn’t notice and icould drag it out a few days more.

I said sorry over and over again and told her i’d stop it with the pictures and wouldn’t bug her.


She replied back with Diapered asses don’t bug her, it’s not her fetish though and she’s just going to keep laughing at me if i keep sending.

so there you go..the former woman of my life (my actualal LAST girlfriend) knows i’m a diaper wearing sissy…not only that, she’s ok with seeing pictures of me and laughing at me because she thinks it’s silly.

I’m parnoid i’m gonna sign into facebook and seeshe’s posted them on there but for now this is like a dream come true.

I would of included the chat logs but that would of showed her e-mail and frankly i didn’t wanna risk having sissies from here bugging her. below are just some of the pictures i sent to her.

I should mention that naturally..i kept sending her pictures after she said it was ok.

me: aren’t I cutie?

her; not the words i would of used.

Me: *sends a picture*

her: Oh wow, a soother and everything? LOL

Submitted by diaper fag Gary Oake





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