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Hi everyone, i’m nessa. i am a x-dressing sissy and have been since i first snuck a pair of my mother’s pantyhose into the bathroom, and slipped them on. i have always been attracted to girls who are gorgeous and know it. The type who are mean, snotty, and bratty, Who dress to attract attention, but seem annoyed if i complement them or if i’m caught admiring their long sexy legs, and high heeled feet, as they strut through the mall. Anyway, i’d like to thank the administration for starting this site. i’ve long been an admirer and fan of Princess Mindy. She is exactly the type i’m so fatally attracted to. i have purchased many of her video clips from her C4S site. i especially love her ”blackmail” clips. So far, i haven’t had the courage to contact her and beg her to accept me as one of her subbies that she so effortlessly traps and exploits. Using her beauty and charm to lure her victims into her world, Getting them to confess all their most guarded secrets to her. And then deviously using her knowledge to her utmost advantage. God, how can one not be attracted by a Princess like Mindy?

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