4 Responses to “such a loser”

  1. DominaKiara says:

    lol, good freak! Advertise this site – it’s the only place that you can be exactly what you are – a diapered sissy fag!

    Mistress Kiara

    • Pamperfag says:

      Thank you Mistress. Would you like me to advertise your site too?

      I love the feeling of being a good little diaper sissy fag and flashing my pampers off on random chat site..the looks people give me is sooo awesome..the girls who point and laugh, the guys who call me a fucking freak… but i figure with all the humialtion you wonderfull ladies give me i can link your sites…

  2. Honey Cash says:

    God, your fat ass barely fits in that diaper, loser! And duh, use COLOR next time. We’re not some dull black and white bunch. Even your handwriting is atrocious! I’d imagine the only things worse to look tat than your terrible scribbles and your diapered ass is probably your sissy fag face. Good job sticking with JUST your pampered ass on the cam – but next time buy the NICE diapers, not the cheapo crappy ones. Buy some Disney Princess diapers to REALLY make your fat ass stand out. It’d be so perfectly fitting, too. I mean, we all know you pretty much only EVER get hot when you think about us Princesses and how much we’re laughing at your gross, baby sissy fag ass!

    Splurge a bit next time, loser – by yourself some Princess diapers! ♥

    • Pamperfag says:

      I can’t fit into the princess diaperes Princess, i wish i could. I was going to color the diaper before but the pink didn’t show up, it was too light of a shade.
      I’mm make a better go at it later on when i snap some more pictures. Thank you for your humilating comment Princess, your right, i can only get all hot n bothered in my pampers thinking about being laughed at

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