22 Responses to “Submit a photo”

  1. subboibi says:

    Test post – i can not wait to see how this site develops!

  2. princessmandy says:

    Hello! :) What’s up? Not your tini slong! :)

  3. adamgjones96 says:

    Hey its embarrasing but i just found out that my penis is small i never felt that way but its been awhile since i had sex im from a small town and my bridges r burned now i will beg or do what ever it takes to get close to some fine pussy im always so horny with no form of release. help me

  4. adamgjones96 says:

    I know but i still gotta be useful to u for somthing

  5. Tiny says:

    Submit a post doesn’t work.

  6. admin says:

    how doesnt it work?

  7. sean says:

    I don’t manage to submit the post.

  8. dufflingfaggot says:

    I have been trying to submit a post but it does not seem to be working

  9. dufflingfaggot says:

    also my avatar pic doesn’t show

  10. Please only submit post ONCE! MODS will approve it when they have time! To keep your panties from getting in a bunch, go comment on posts, update your profile, and join groups to pass the time!

    • Honey Cash says:

      When I’ve tried submitting things, it just refreshes the page. Is that normal (aka did the post go I doing something wrong? It never says any error messages or anything. What’s up with this?

  11. I have tried to submit as well, not sure if it went through??? i hope so, need the humiliation & exposure so bad!!!

  12. Josh says:

    It says i need to be logged in to post, yet i am logged in and cannot post?

  13. Sissy Mike says:

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  14. BiSlut1980 says:

    to bad i can’t post my picture
    Would love to get assignments and get humiliated online

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