13 Responses to “sissy lissa”

  1. Ms. Clare says:

    I can make you pay for that right now little bitch. http://www.clareaffair.com

  2. bryan says:

    can you really princess ? you like me in my panties

  3. You want to get used and financially exploited for the privilege of sniffing my socks and making out with them like a total nerd reject… bring you wallet bitch

  4. DominaKiara says:

    lol wow, I LOVE to rape the wallets of little foot piggies, but has this guy even proven himself yet? Or is he all talk and just here for the free humiliation and to lead us hot bitches on? Come on, prove yourself foot pig.

    Mistress Kiara

  5. spoiledjenny says:

    Ohhh look its another little bitch carrying on about how he loves to pay yet, I bet this loser bitch hasn’t laid out a dime so he’s got to jerk it free here. Give it up ya wannabe! Amateur hour just struck on the clock gotta go!
    Princess Jenny

  6. Cuckolding Princess says:

    Can’t the little worm put her panties on right? Is that an inside out tag???

    • bryan says:

      yes i am new at this i pay girls here in town to humiliate me laugh at me while smell their stinky sock feet and hose feet .. all the time not online before.. i did go last friday and where i ate dinner i askek my waitress if i left a big tip if i can smell her feet in those hose she been wearing all day at work .. she laughed her ass off asked if i was serious and how much i offered 60 .. she took 80 …so i sniffed her feet right there …

  7. bryan says:

    And Princess i will do better and not wear panties inside out … i have also really want to be a princesses cock sucking whore be trained to suck cock for her .. i just love to be humiliated soo much

  8. bryan says:

    I just paid a girl for her dirty sox …. smell soo good i will post a pic

  9. well http://www.mistressmindy.com open the wallet you freak… lets see something…

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