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i’m sissy fifi an actual live-in sissymaid to beautiful Princess and Her Real Man Boyfriend. being a sissy i’m not allowed to touch Her in any way except to paint Her toenails His favorite color, brush her hair, shave her legs, massage Her feet and to kiss Her feet when She commands. i am Their total and complete slave, i do all housework, cooking and cleaning and pay for everything including romantic vacations for Them. i wash, mow His lawn, serve them breakfast in bed right after He has pleasured Her, wash Her boyfriend’s car every week, i suck His cock anytime He commands. i’m in chastity permanently and only allowed to cum once per month if that (sometimes Princess forgets), and only with pink feather Princess uses on my little sissy nipple. i am never allowed to use my hands to touch it, only to give handjobs and blowjobs to Sir. Princess is considering allowing me to masturbate to pictures of naked Real Men while She watches, but ONLY pictures of manly strong Real Men, i’m never allowed to look at Women naked or in bikinis, i realized long ago that sissies are sissies and Real Men are real men. One belongs in a Woman’s bed and one belongs in a rubber-sheeted crib. Princess is always thinking of new ways to humiliate me, one time She made me wait in a long line to buy tickets for a hot new movie for a couple of hours. She had commanded thatwhen i got close to the head of the line, i must call Her and tell Her (She was in a hotel with Sir), in 10 minutes they arrived arm in arm right to the front of the line, without saying anything to me they looked at me then they kissed on the lips then i was ordered by Sir to run home and get busy with His laundry and She said “Don’t forget the ironing we spoke about sissy.” Everyone in line heard my face was so red. Princess has made me shine His shoes in an outdoor restaurant, She made me kiss the floor after she walked on it at the local beauty salon and all the girls who weren’t freaked out laughed and giggled. i was then told to kneel in the corner and stare at the wall until Her toes were finished. the most humiliating She has ever made me do is to call every former girlfriend i ever had and apologize to them for being a sissy and tell them i hope they found a real man. i was shaking with fear as She and Her girlfriends watched and laughed hysterically (She brought them over for the occasion). i know i will never be more than a sissy so i’m trying my best every day to please my Owners.

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