9 Responses to “Sissy Abroad”

  1. good idea fat ass… to have an abroad slave purchasing gifts and sending them to me, as well completing fat loser dumbass assignments for the amusement of the Me, and the other Dommes here sounds good!
    start by proving yourself $$$

  2. princessmandy says:

    OMG and IT will be able to get really nice gifts at good prices over in Greece! Don’t forget to take some skirts and pantyhose while you travel. That way you can show us what a filthy little slut you really are.

  3. spoiledjenny says:

    I love Greece and I love gifts so what’s a Princess to go! A fatty like you should eat a lot of fish when you’re there and lose some of that fatty fat! Bring on the gifts and photos precious petal slut!
    Princess Jenny

  4. DominaKiara says:

    Haha lovely ideas, Mandy & Mindy! Greece’s economy is tanking, isn’t it? Take advantage of that shit and buy Us ALL some gifts! My good pets always get personalize assignments…

    Mistress Kiara

  5. Petal says:

    i want to thank all of the Goddesses by sending some of the cool things found here in Athens. i don’t know where to send them. could You send me a po box address? or i can carry them with me back to the states and ship them all at once from Chicago. whatever is most pleasing. if a Goddess wants clothes or shoes, then i can buy them in Your size. otherwise i got some cute accessories and such.

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