20 Responses to “Showing the World My Life as a Sissy Baby Transvestite”

  1. you weirdo little freak remind me of spenny dressing up as a sissy for spenny on Kenny Vs Spenny http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNjtyKQGRms

  2. spoiledjenny says:

    You’re beyond nasty ” I go out early in the morning to all the large family apartment buildings where I live and I dumpster dive for peed in baby diapers for me to wear.” What a fucked up loser, what the fuck happened to you as a child! You need some deep psychological help maybe I can help you freak.
    Princess Jenny

    • Pamperfag says:

      I’ve seen this guy around on other sites.
      if i recall right he was fucked up when bullies forced him into a pissy wet diaper as a kid..still..Wow. and coming from me, that wow means something

    • Dear Princess Jenny,

      I know your right and if I could control my urges to wear them I would stop, but I’ve been dumpster diving for real baby diapers to wear since I was around 11 years old. I have also been dumpster diving since 1q1 years old for Girl’s and Women’s very heavy flow used Maxi-Pads and Tampons to wear during my regular monthly Period that I made for myself when I was about 22. I insert the heavy flow used Tampons up my butt and wear a very heavy flow Maxi in my panty at the same time. I went to the Mall like this once dressed mostly like my icky male self but also wearing a really cute top and a pair of skin tight white cotton pants so that they would become spotted and anyone who mite look at me in the mall would also see I’m on my period and having a heavy flow day. It was one of my most cherished memory outings ever because I have yet to have so many people pointing and laughing at me so hard before. It was so wonderful I wish I could do it everyday.

    • Dear Spoiled Jenny,

      Obviously you’ve seen yourself in the mirror, and just in case you were not aware of it not only does your mirror think of you and as a Beautiful Goddess and want to be just like you but so do I. Of course I could never be a Goddess such as yourself by any stretch of the imagination nor could I ever have a real Period which only comes with being born the only true Superior gender Female. Even so I want to be female so badly that I do what ever I have to for my never to be a real female life as a Sissy Transvestite. I know how bizarre and very!!!!! un socially exceptable my use of discarded menstrual items is, but I’m not stealing them out of peoples home waste baskets or women’s restrooms and in my mind I just have to have my monthly period which means to find them without breaking any laws or violating any women’s restrooms which I would not do for any reason I have to find them by the only way I can think of and as disgusting as it is and yes it is, I have to dumpster dive for them. I’m a very nice, sweet, kind and honest Sissy Fag to the point that I have told every single person I know all about me, I hate liars but I do not hate myself, I love my life, my periods and my life dressing like a 3 to 4 year old little Sissy Girl. The reason I’m on your sites is not because I hate myself, it’s because I first became humiliated at a very young age and many!!! times before getting out of school. I became so use to being extremely humiliated by people that now it’s just a important part of my life and I not only grave very!! embarrassing humiliation but I need it and Love it!!

    • Dear Spoiled Jenny

      I’m sorry and I’m not trying to be disgusting I’m just being honest and I dream that the used Tampons and Used Maxi-Pads I wear are from a female as beautiful as you are.

  3. DominaKiara says:

    LOL! Fucking hilarious. What a nasty little freak!

    Mistress Kiara

    • Hi DominaKiara,

      I know a picture is worth a thousand words but I know that just opening my mouth because I talk talk talk and write so much about myself that I think I add a lot to the thousand word photo’s don’t you too ? I just want everyone to really know me.

  4. Honey Cash says:

    Wow, sissy boy, this tops all! Now I have a new story to gross all my friends out with. Good thing I have a strong stomach or I’ve have probably chucked my cookies reading about how twisted and disgusting you are. Real women are hygienic (it’s why we even use maxi-pads and tampons in the first place, freak.) But I guess we’ll just have to pity a wanna-be like you and give you our left overs so you can feel more… complete. It’s sad that you’ll never know Perfection – but keep trying. It makes for some great entertainment! LOL

    I have to at least say thanks for posting this, freak. I’ll totally be sharing your disgusting story with others – all for a good laugh when they scrunch up their faces, totally repulsed!

    • Pamperfag says:

      You’ll be doing him a favor rincess, he’ll love the humilation much like myself of knowing you tell your friends about people like us.

    • Dear Honey Cash,

      I can hardly believe how nice all of you are and Thank You so much for even taking the time to make a comment about my using Tampons and Pads that I dumpster dive for. Were you really serious about sending your used ones to me, I would pay for them very generously and if your friends would sell me there used menstrual Tampons and Pads I would know I’ve gone to Sissy Heaven and on my Period too. I’m so happy right now maybe more than anytime ever. Yeah!

    • Dear Honey Cash

      Would you permit me to post this on some of my social websites and maybe twitter too. Maybe when other Women see it they will feel pity and sorry for me and send me all there heavy flow Tampons and Pads, WOW what if they will send me all the sopping wet baby diapers too. OMG this is to much for me to even think about right now but really what if they will I would be the luckiest sissy baby ever!

      • Honey Cash says:

        Hahaha! You really do get excited about the grossest things, huh freak? You’re sick, sissy boy. Like, top of the list disgusting. I’m planning to tell a bunch of people about you this weekend so they can all laugh (hopefully no one throws up, though.)

        If you’re willing to pay, we’ll talk. You can get my contact info here:

        Go ahead and post whatever you want, freak. But don’t be offering up money to just anyone. The Princesses here take care of you. Remember that. Be a good little sissy fag and don’t be ungrateful to your Princesses!~ ♥

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