10 Responses to “Said i would make more”

  1. Ms. Nicole says:

    OMG I bet that your dinky gets shriveled from being in that disgusting diaper all day moron. You truly are the poster child for birth control…


    • Gary oake says:

      actually it’s one of the few things that can make it get hard Ms. Nicole.
      If i knew whp’d to contract i’d let my pictures be used in birth control posters. something along the line of “Please, don’t have stuipd drunken sex without using protection. this moron could be the result.”

  2. No shit… this is the result of something totally fucked up for sure!

    • Gary oake says:

      Thank you for your crule comments..well actually, your crule truth. I’m sure that if my parents had know what a loser i was they would of aborted be or put me up for adoption.
      actually i wouldn’t surprized if they tried to ut couldn’t find any place for a chubby bed wetting loser.

      I can only hope that by fucking my diapers instead of women (as if any would even sleep with me) I’m doing the human race a favor.

  3. BBW Goddess xoxo, Tiffi says:

    No kidding this is the funniest shit I have seen all day. What a puffy fucking freak hahaha. Man I’d hate to be your diaper. GROSSSSSSS!

  4. Gary oake says:

    these aren;t even my worst pictures goddess tiffi. most of these are kinda tame…now i’m torn between keeping them to myself to save your eyes or showing them for even more humilition.

  5. spoiledjenny says:

    You really suck at writing good captions for your fat boy freaky photos.
    Princess Jenny

    • Gary oake says:

      the progam i used to make the posters doesn’t have alot of room for text princess jenny. but you’re right, i should be putting more effort into them.
      Next time i do it i’ll put much more effort into it.

  6. maharg ssegrub says:

    How long o you keep them on for? Ever tried a week?

    • Gary oake says:

      one set of diapers or just being diapered non stop? for one set my record was 12 hours, then a friend was knocking on my door (Iwas living in a boarding house) wanting to share a few beers with me. I had him wait outside my room while i fratically tried to take off about 18 diapers quitely so he wouldn’t know what a sissy i was.

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