6 Responses to “Princess Mindy makes me weak”

  1. wow skank alert!!! If you like being on your knees like that you little road whore, why not make something of your would-be “life” and get that pie hole in business!
    Just start with a blackmail application, fill it out, send it to me… you can trust Me! Blackmail Contracts

  2. princessmandy says:

    Oh what a lil sweet cock sucker you are! I do love the nylon slut look you got going on dolly. Now its time for you to move up to a bigger cock to suck off. That one is too small. Dolly you need just the right size to fill your lipstick covered mouth.

  3. spoiledjenny says:

    Awww what a precious little bimbo! The hot pink dildo looks so charming with your skanky blond wig. You would look good as a red head too. You should really learn to take that cock deeper so we can see it in your slutty throat. Think of all that yummy cummy in your future!

  4. rodde says:

    just love to read how You long to give it all up for divine Princess Mindy – She´s gorgeous and absolutely entitled to destroy male lives however She pleases

  5. Karen Marie Harris says:

    Is it OK to post a pic of my tiny dick?

  6. admin says:

    no penis pictures… you can upload a photo with your penis in it if its a far a way shot where your penis is barely noticeable… you may find it hard to believe but its an actual turn off to look at so no one besides you wants to see it!

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