4 Responses to “pig’s Introduction”

  1. Hispanic_Goddess says:

    Disgusting pig, even a beta male would be superior to you. You are an omega- the very bottom of the barrel, the leftover dregs of the male gender- the lowest of the low; the scapegoat,the punching bag, the pathetic fag slave of other lowly sissies.it has no use in society, and should be fuckin’ grateful for whatever it gets.


  2. DominaKiara says:

    Took the words right out of My mouth, Hispanic_Goddess LOL! Against My better judgement, I want to see pics of this disgusting pig. I’ll just avoid this site while I’m eating… LOL

    Mistress Kiara

  3. Hispanic_Goddess says:


    DominaKiara-if you got sick over looking at this filthy piece of shit, the pig would probably just want to lick it up anyway!
    pig is so pathetic, it has to work it’s way UP to being allowed to use a male blow-up doll.
    Drinking from toilets, humping toilets… heh! it probably cums in the toilet and laps up that disgusting mixture.
    Too bad it isn’t a virgin; it would be a status more appropriate for this toilet bitch. But hey, at least this disgusting pig has learned its place in society at such an early age, so it won’t have to offend any more Women with its puny little dick.
    bwahahaha 4 inches!! LOL

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