5 Responses to “Pictorial for Spoiled Jenny”

  1. spoiledjenny says:

    Ohhhh gawd you are sooooooooo awesome! I love the super cock lolly. You really are just a mess of Dolly Parton shake in a little Pam Anderson and then throw in a little GaGa all on crack. Honey the one photo with the hand showing and 1 long nail on it…. tacky, lets fix that shit up again before you give yourself camera time. LOVE IT!
    Princess Jenny

  2. SissyDanny says:

    I just wanted to tell you that you look stunning Sissykins. That picture of you in the blue dress and fishnets makes my clitty hard. I wish we could meet sometime and play like two sissies would. for a mistress. keep up the good work.



  3. BBW Goddess xoxo, Tiffi says:

    You look better than any other sissy I’ve seen. So congrats on that! You’re doing a great job being a pretty little sissy bitch. I’d love to play dress up with you and some other dildo sucker.

  4. Sissykins nessa says:

    :) thank you all for the nice encouraging comments! MWAH!

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