patheticsissy serves a male doll as an inferior

Since patheticsissy’s last fuck (now three and a half years ago) which was described in a previous posting, sissy is no longer considered worthy or deserving of having any penetrative sex of any kind, even if it is only with an inflatable doll. Sissy also isn’t deemed worthy any longer of having any sexual contact with the previous doll, because it is a Female doll and therefore automatically superior to patheticsissy in every regard. As of course is every Real Female. It was decided that because it is Female and a Superior, the doll should not be subjected to patheticsissy’s feeble attempts at sex ever again.

When sissy is called upon to entertain with a doll now, sissy has to serve a male doll instead. But sissy is still not permitted to use his utterly pathetic and irrelevant little dick – penetrative sex is now completely forbidden for patheticsissy. Sissy has been told that his last fuck really was exactly that – sissy’s LAST fuck. The brief couple of minutes that sissy was inside the Female doll back in early 2009 is to be the very last time that patheticsissy’s nasty little dick is inside anything other than a chastity device.

At the time of posting, it’s been 412 days since sissy has been permitted to masturbate to ejaculation. Three and a half years since sissy had his one experience of intercourse with the Female doll. And more than six and a half years since sissy had any attention for his tiny dick from a Real Female. Of course sissy understands that he truly is too utterly pathetic to be permitted sexual activity of any sort involving actual contact with a Superior Female.

When sissy performs with the male doll, instead of fucking the doll in anything remotely like male behaviour, sissy must simply suck the doll’s dick. And ride the doll’s dick cowgirl style. Basically to attempt to please it as a submissive sissy slut woudl please a male..

To make it even more humiliating for sissy, the doll is hung with a plastic dick which is at least three or four times bigger than sissy’s pitiful dangling little appendage. And much harder, firmer, and manly too.

Even this male doll is considered to be sissy’s superior, and sissy is a slut and bitch who must be submissive to it.

Sissy has been told to expect to be pleasing real men soon.

Submitted by patheticsissy



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