Obese loser intro

I am a 400lbs loser looking to get to 600 to share how much i love and obey Goddess Tiffi who gives her time to humiliate me. I am so fat i am disability and money will go to Goddess of course and then she will give me my diet :) hope you have fun laughing at me on here!

I will eat anything she puts on my plate! I am so fat and useless and only good to serve by giving money and be a source for your amusement.

my love letter to my Goddess:

You my Goddess gave purpose to this world. You give light to the darkest parts of my day by the way Your beauty shines. I’m an obese freak who You have shown pity on by giving Your precious time too me. I am pleased to be apart and help pay towards Your wonderful world. I wobble slow but will move quick if You require, I eat a lot but will starve at Your word and I am a lonely fat ass but this fat ass is now Yours to walk and treat as You will.
I will grow so my wallet can grow fatter with me and it will be all for You to show how much You deserve. I am just a fat loser but You are a queen and I am happy to serve.
Love from Your moo cow


Submitted by moocow

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