No denying it

So last weekend my friend asked if i’d come up to the country with her to house sit her parents place. I was fairly reluctant to go due to my whole nappy situation but ended up agree, Cara’s got a way with her words. Everything went pretty smoothly I waited a while until after Cara went to bed before I decided it was safe to ”get changed” for bed. I basically had everything laid out ready to put my nappy on, oil, baby powder, baby wipes and a big nappy spread out on the bed. But then what else happens, Cara walks in wondering what I was doin in here. I nearly wet myself right then and there, I was so embarrassed ! After her little giggle session I had to explain to her that I’ve been a bedwetter since I was fifteen. As I was explaining all this to Cara her smile seemed to get bigger and bigger, which kind of scared me a bit. When I finished explaining cara said not to worry, she’d keep my secret… on one condition, she got to put this one nappy on me. I was now more worried about her seeing my penis than seeing me in a nappy. But I was kind of in a bind so not much choice really. When I took my boxers off and laid down on the nappy with all my glory, well lack there of showing, she didn’t even try to hide her laughter. She thought it was hilarious, calling me ”big baby, little dick” an ”baby dick”. I ended up leaving through the night and haven’t answered or returned any of her calls since… Just to scared and don’t know what to say.

Submitted by phil ‘lil dick’ campbell

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