6 Responses to “No denying it”

  1. spoiledjenny says:

    What the fuck is a nappy? You sound like a major loser with your gross baby oil etc… You scared pussy!
    Princess Jenny

    • phil says:

      Dear SpoiledJenny,
      When I say nappy it’s the same thing as a diaper. I know it all sounds a little gross, but please don’t call me a loser, it’s so embarrassing… I have no choice.
      Your scarred pussy.

  2. Ms. Nicole says:

    It must be something about you english boys to have such small dicks. You all should get punished somehow for the utter prats you all are. Your nappy is gross and I hope you had to spend the whole night in a cold wet nappy because of you got caught. I don’t know how you go through you daily life and people can’t hear the crinkling of your nappy under your clothes. Haha


    • phil says:

      Ms. Nicole,
      Very close, I’m from Australia. Not that it really matters I guess, I still have a tiny dick.
      I didn’t stay the whole night wet, only cause when I woke up wet in the middle of the night, I was so embarrassed and just left. Pathetic I know, I feel bad and probably do deserve to be punished but I just can’t face her.
      I don’t know why nappies have to crinkle so loud ? I swear its just for other people, to confirm their suspicions, talk and point at the guy over there in a nappy… It sucks !!!

  3. pathetic sissy says:

    Ring Her up, apologise, and submit yourself to Her for humiliation and for Her amusement.

  4. graham burgess says:

    phil – why are you so ashamed? did she swallow your plausable excuse? how good a friend is she? after all if she has been trying to get hold of you.
    Why not return one of those calls you never know she may suprise you and you may have a new kind of friendship?

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