Newbie intro

Hello everyone. I was introduced to this site By a task that mistress mindy put on nf. I plan to fulfill the assignment as soon as possible.

In the mean time, I’m a 30yr male submissive. I’ve been interested in femdom for a long time, but was always to scared to talk to dommes about it. Recently in the past couple years I have realized I have a craving to be humiliated and degraded by strong women for their amusement.
I am in a relationship, and I have shared my interest with her, but she is not interested in being dominant. However I still find the need to explore this side of me.

Im hoping to talk to dommes and subs alike to explore further. I’m hoping I can be used for amusement and treated as a toy.

Currently, if any dommes are interested…I’m at work, but in a somewhat of a supervisor role this week where I am only needed if something goes wrong. So, I have some time and can possibly be used at my workspace if that entertains you. I can also be reache on yahoo on my phone. Garybrown300.

I look forward to being a part of this site.

Submitted by Sillyslut

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