My faggy bj practice

i have been out of the country for the past week with no internet and little reason to ’release’ myself. Yes, somehow this guy went over a week without masturbating. That meant that tonight i was extremely horny of course and looking to experiment.

I decided to go checkout and see what was on. When i came across the video of two guys in the weight room together, i wanted to feel as if i were a part of the experience. I paused the video, ran upstairs, and grabbed a banana.
With the banana in hand, and a towel on my chest, i began the video again and this time i began to suck my banana. This is my first time practicing sucking a cock, and i have a feeling i’m not too good lol.
My initial plan was to try and wipe my cum all over the banana then proceed to suck it clean. However, like always, i lost all desire after I had cum.

IDK why whenever i get really aroused i think of gay porn, because after everytime i always regret it and feel guilty and gay with no desire to watch any more. Anybody know what this means?

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