Muscular 23 year old wondering if my dick is small

I am into SPH (small penis humiliation) and SPH is the most exciting thing i have ever experienced. I am never more satisfied than when i have a woman telling me over e-mail, phone, or in person just how pathetic my attempts of giving a woman any pleasure are now and always will be. The fact is most women don’t understand it. most women I have had a relationship with will never say I have a small penis because they don’t wish to be unkind and hurtful – even though I know for a fact most of them preferred larger ones than mine (girthwise particularily) and have admitted when pressed that I have the smallest they have ever been with. .Im looking for a dominant women who enjoys humiliating guys with small dicks.Im 23 years old, good looking, and muscular. Im seeking a dominant women for small penis humiliation/cuckolding in the MA area
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Submitted by brandon

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