42 Responses to “Most Degrading Name-Free Humiliation Assignment”

  1. Pamperfag says:

    Well I myself..Have had the name Pampers given to me by a male dom who thought i was a troll at first..
    I’ve given myself the girl name of Misty Poopybottoms, at first it was just misty but when i had a sissy fb page for awhile they wanted a last name.
    more recently, my Ex who’ve i’ve posted about a few times has toyed with diffent nick names. going from gummy bear, to tracy and as of tonight Nuki nuki ( as in a pacfire)

    a few other nick names that have followed me thoughout school and the work place was Bubble butt, Garlic sausage, Krusty the clown.

  2. Pamperfag says:

    Sooo I’m the only one who’s gonna take part in this? wth sissies! with all the calls for free humilation you should be tripping over each other to post on this… Sheesh.

  3. pigamy says:

    pig has not been called many things, as it Women generally do not have dealing with it. However, pig has been called a worm, pig amy, and a fucking maggot. As pig would someday like to be a toilet for a Woman, or for a loser or sissy, it would like to be called a toilet bitch, or scum, or waste disposal. They aren’t exactly ‘pet names’, but they are apt to describe pig’s filthy desire.

  4. They are pretty much just ruining their chances for anything else free. I’ll start spamming them with shit to pay for. Idiots.

  5. rich says:

    i deserve to be called a faggot the name just makes me cringe but makes me feel soooo slutty and worthless at the same time

  6. Paul Knoll says:

    My first (and one of the only) girlfriend I had would call me baby dick, and told everyone in high school that after we had sex for the first time that she still had the majority of her hymen intact. She would call me baby dick at school, and it wasn’t long before I was known across the entire high school as “Baby Dick”.

    The part I have never told anyone is that I used to cum in my pants every time she would call me that.

  7. michael says:

    some names i have been called:
    pig, loser, slut, worthless piece of shit, shithead, pin dicked, twat
    but i think none of these names are really personal

  8. SissyDanny says:


    I really loved to be called sissy fag or sissy slut. There is nothing hotter to me than a woman truly knowing that I am craving cock. When they call me these names it just reinforces what a cock whore I am. Cockwhore would be a great name for me as well.

  9. Mike says:

    Small dick loser, tiny dick bitch

  10. Sissy Liam says:

    Hi Princess,

    Im with Sissy Danny and Rich, I love to be called a sissy faggot, I deserve nothing more than being told how much of a stupid pathetic sissy gay faggot slut I am.

    Anything which belittles my little dick as well, I actually feel weird now calling it a dick, even a little dick, I’ve called it a sissy clit for so long, that’s just what it is. I can remember when I still fooled myself into thinkin I could be a man with a woman, and she was measuring my clit with her hands (two fingers at a time) and I heard her say under her breath “Really?”

    So Cockslut, Cumwhore, Faggot, Queer, Pathetic Fucktard are a few of my favourites. :D

    Thank you for this Princess.
    Sissy Liam

  11. Aww look at you losers participating! GOOD TIME! Send me suggestions for future tasks in my inbox (if you’re not friends with me here, request me!)

  12. Mistress Andjelija says:

    lol The common theme…little dicks smdh

    I like to use slut or piggy….makes my life more easy lol

  13. cerdo says:

    small dick loser, pig(gy), dog, reject, piece of shit, baby dick

  14. Chastity Bono says:

    The one that makes me feel the worst is “bitch dick white boy”

  15. lil_sissy says:

    I haven’t been given a name by anyone, though my useless little tinkertoy has been referred to as a baby dick. I’ve come up with the name Pillowhumping Piddly-Peenie for myself, but I’m not sure that’s pathetic enough.

  16. cd skool gurl says:

    not sure about pet names, but names ive been called before was “misty” as i used to dress up like her all the time and people would just call me that even when i wasnt dresses as her (misty from the anime, pokemon)

  17. waqas says:

    my Mistress call me “bastard”… and its the only nick i have from my Mistress, actually now its my name, every time She have to call me She use “bastard”… this is my new name now… i dont want to be called as bastard, but She likes it and thats why i have to bear it.. :(

  18. tinydickdude says:

    Cumslut. I got it from my old webcam Mistress who would make me strip slow, spread my ass, stick fingers and dildos in, then she would have me eat my cum in different ways.

  19. Italianslavexx says:

    My last mistress, called me Mini colossus, or wanker :)

  20. caitlyn says:

    Wasn’t long after she assured me that my chastity should be considered permanent that she really started to point out that my masturbation wasn’t at all a secret. In noticing that her magazine had been mysteriously moved she teased me about how that made her an accomplice to my little business. Affectionately referring to me as “The Cosmo Stud”.

  21. ashley-marie denise says:

    Well mistress, my Master often calls me his “little sissy cock whore” or just “fuck meat” or “fagot”

  22. danny says:

    i love to be called babydick or little boi

  23. Sissy slut says:

    Modern Domme named me Faggy Poo. I’ve also been called cunt face and cock sucker. Sissy whore and sissy slut have been proper names too.

  24. bitch says:

    Since i have very long hair, the last Domme i served on a regular basis named me pigtails, which is how i was required to wear my hair as i performed household duties.

  25. steph bound says:

    being called faggot just generally sends waves of humiliation through me, so combined with anything else, only magnifies the humiliation…”sissy faggot shit pig” sissy shit gag fag” “bimbo bondage sissy pig” “shitwhore pansey fag”

  26. Sissykins nessa says:

    My nickname is sissykins nessa, or sissy nessakins. Originally i called my self Sissykins Vanessa. My Princess shortened it to nessa.

  27. caitlyn says:

    In a comment by one of the Wonderful Women of this site, it was Spoiledjenny referred to me as “a sperm eating whore”. I love it.

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