14 Responses to “loser 4 life”

  1. My Goddess Ashley says:

    Are you taracumslut or something like that?

  2. Lady Sascha says:

    I think the little piggie should snort for us… Can you snort, little pigggie?

  3. spoiledjenny says:

    Clearly you’re a loser you can’t even write a literate post you dumb fuck. Time to take some English classes.

  4. Snobby Alexa says:

    Just shows how dumb men are, you show them pics of women and then they think you are one, when in reality you’re just another loser male addicted to making your skin flap squirt.

  5. Princess Melissa says:

    Admitting that you pose as a girl on Yahoo is just despicable. You’re a total loser piece of shit who’s probably beating off to a fake man as well. Two losers on the web made for each other.

  6. Tara c says:

    Thank for your comment I am a total loser piece of shit thank you

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