i am a gay sissy fag

New to the site…wanted to say hi and come out in public finally. I am a closet (so far) sissy fag. Very much enjoy putting on my wifes clothes and having sex with men. Mostly me on my knees giving oral (just feels so right) but occasionally taking it in the ass as well…on two occassions both at once which was heaven for me.

This Friday my wife had her boytoy over and had sex with him. His cock was so much bigger and thicket than mine. At first I let them go to the bedroom alone…after I heard the sounds of making out and moaning I went in and joined them. I crawled into the bed and they both stretched out on their backs. My wife leaned down and fed me his cock. I kissed his shaft first, before I started sucking it. I heard him tell my wife I was very good at it and she just laughed. I got him rock hard and then guided his cock into my wife as she climbed on top. As she was riding him to an orgasm I licked and sucked his balls and her ass…although I mostly just got hit in the face with her ass.

After she came, she got off and went to the bathroom. I started cleaning his cock and the really sucking him off hard. He got my wife and I in a 69 position with me on bottom and began screwing her doggy style. His balls were scraping across my face and he plunged in and out, and i licked both his shaft and her clit as much as I could.

He finally came hard into her, and when he pulled out his cock just kinda plopped right onto my face. I sucked it clean of his jizz and my wifes juices. Then my wife sat up and I licked all of his cum as it ran out of her pussy.

This was the most bi action I had ever had in front of my wife and I wonder what she thought of it….she didn’t say too much to me other than she thought I was a good cocksucker, and that she enjoyed the 69 position.

I wish she would start to call me her little cocksucker now but she is kinda reserved when it comes to dirty talk or humiliation.

I would love love love to find a woman to really humiliate me…my fantasy is to have it done in public some day.

The other thing that would have really topped off the night would have been if I had been dressed up as my sluttly feminine self, but maybe in time.

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