2 Responses to “Humiliated myself”

  1. Honey Cash says:

    Duh, you’re a loser. your sister didn’t even have to hire a clown to entertain for the party, since she has such a screw up brother like you. Who gets drunk that quick? you can’t even hold your booze? God, you’re pathetic. It’s not a wonder why everyone’s pissed at you, dumbass. you’re a freak! your family is so kind for not having disowned a loser like you by now. God, you’re disgusting. And the Admin had to tell you not t post MORE pics of your tiny dick? Wow. you’re not just a loser – you’re totally STUPID, too!

  2. spoiledjenny says:

    Yep, you’re a total reject and now your idiocy will be all over the web with all the photos that were taken of you.
    Princess Jenny

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