Humiliated myself

Last week I hosted my younger sisters 21st birthday party at my house. Big party, loads of drinks bbq and a ton of people. I definately peeked to early and was on my way to being blind drunk by 9.00pm, not to mention a few party treats to help out. I recall chatting to my sisters friends but apparently I was harassing them and being rude, following them around ect. Apparently at about 10.30pm I passed out and was dragged inside by my old man, who undressed me and threw me in the cold shower for 10 minutes, then turned the shower off and left. Sometime later apparently I stumbled out naked pushing through people and passed out again in the garden. Probably as payback for my actions, I was left there. The next morning I woke up to a pretty pissed offsister and parents. They told me what had happened and then my sister showed me a picture of myself lying butt naked on my back in the garden, and my tiny cock was shrivelled up in the cold. It looked like a tiny mushroom, I couldnt believe it. They told me that I was lying there for about 2 and a half hours and dozens of people stopped to have a laugh and take photos. Even my mother said she had never seen one like it. I cant escape it now, my sisters friends think im that sleezy dude who talks big and has a tiny cock. I dont know when ill be able to face my mum and sister again. Even my old man is still angry, everytime it comes up he is quick to point out that my size doesnt come from his side of the family. Im out of shape at the moment as well so I look like a chubby guy with a pimple dick between his legs. I deserve to be humiliated for what I put my mum and sister through, what a loser.

Submitted by Dave

This is your only warning NOT to post another dick picture. Next time you’re deleted you fucking idiot. -Admin


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