4 Responses to “How i lost my last job because i’m a diaper fag.”

  1. spoiledjenny says:

    You should get a job as Costco where you can get a discount on massive boxes of diapers for your loser pathetic ass, their an equal opp employer so idiot loser freaks need apply. THATS YOU!!!
    Princess Jenny

    • Gary oake says:

      Now there’s a good idea princess jenny. Only i don’t think there’s a costco around here. I’ll look around though and see if there’s anything like it applying like crazy trying to get a job but just ain’t having much luck.

  2. Karen Marie Harris says:

    Cosco seems to be everywhere and they hire ALMOST ANYONE.

    I’m a loser also, and always love to smell women’s panties and their ass. Try smelling and licking their feet, especially when sweaty…..MMMMMMMM so good.

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