Highlights of fun sissy masturbation

Sissy Masturbation, which for me is ”hot sex”. Displaying the red on my tush after a self inflicted :) spanking, playing with myself while standing, then going to my knees and making cummies(usually takes less than 90 seconds to finish), showing off what dribbled out of my pee pee into my hand, and then smearing the goo all over my chest and face.

Don’t want to banned so won’t post a pic of my pee pee but on another sight Mistress Kiara provided feedback: ”lol, honestly, that’s pretty tiny. Pathetic when it’s soft, laughable when it’s hard. Stick it in panties and call it a clitty lol.”

Only hope to entertain and amuse the awesome Women of this sight and very much appreciate the opportunity to provide this.




Submitted by caitlyn (the cum eating whore)




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