Hand Hump McGee

One time I ran into this really freaky slave. I nicked name him ”hand hump mcgee”. He spent his mornings and late nights jerking off like the Sun was never going to come up again. Hand hump would even do it out in public, which shows what a mentally damaged hand humper would do. He obsessed over his stupid looking male unit. Some would call him a sex addict. When in fact his very hand is part of his fetish. Without it he be a worthless pile of more crap. His dick is like a clock. Its always on time to nag at his hand that its time to play. The hand follows along without any thought of what could happen when hand hump is in his trance. The trance is between images that he has seen in his life, drowning out any logic what so ever.

Hand hump’s own core is programmed in full. He has become a unit like just a bubble in the big space of bubble wrap. This is when I swoop in like the gorgeous Goddess would do and twist his core a bit more to my liking. Nature has done most of the work. Once the unit is tweaked that’s when the games really begin. hand hump’s own brain,hand, and penis play a part with me in this game. His core heats up as I whisper in his ears what I want him to hear. I know his key words. I know his thoughts most times before he can babble it out of his cock hole he calls his mouth.

All he can do at this point is hump is precious hand with his dick. While drooling like some sort of trance out fuck. The images keep him going, more images to file into one of his folders in his brain. He stores the sounds of my voice his dick takes notes. His brain soaks up the information like a sponge. There is no cure for ”hand hump mcgee”. He knows it. But IT has taken him. I just keep him down in his own personal hell as he pays and pays.

I will write more on the subject of hand hump mcgee. Until then chow you nerdz! :)

Submitted by Princess Mandy


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