Goddess Tiffi’s FREE Humiliation Birthday Task 1!


Alright you losers and nerds, it’s time to make me happy! My first released free birthday task for my pure amusement and enjoyment will require a few materials:

  • Camera (webcam, cell phone, digital camera, etc)
  • Writing Utensil (permanent, paint, lipstick, washable, doesn’t matter)
  • Creativity

What you’ll need to do entertain me is:

1. Write “Happy Birthday Goddess Tiffi” on some part of your ugly body. Anywhere but your cock. Be creative and write more if you wish!!
*You can write it on a piece of paper if you’re a scared bitch.

2. Take a picture and upload it to this site as your avatar picture! (My Account>Profile>Change Avatar)
*You can also upload it to another site and include the link to the image in your comment instead of uploading it to your avatar.

3. Comment on this post when you’ve changed your avatar (or with the link to the image)!

4. Keep this image as your avatar until December 13th, my birthday!

I’ll be including my favorite images in my birthday wrap up post on my website and as a humiliation post on this site!

While you’re waiting for my fabulous birthday to arrive, don’t forget that I have lot’s of ways for you to make me happy including these free tasks, a wishlist, and options for you to tribute (small or large amounts) on my profile!



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