14 Responses to “Forced bi for video”

  1. Ms. Nicole says:

    Ha Ha, I just love the standard “Mistress made me suck cock, I didn’t want to do it” excuse. I’m sure your cock was a flaccid as a flag with no wind, right? I don’t think so according to that second picture, looks like someone was getting as much oral as they were giving. Just saying … LOL

  2. Petal says:

    you’re so lucky. i wish that i could do that. can’t wait to get back to chicago and see if i can make this happen.

    • pleasedegrademe says:

      yes, i feel very lucky to be perform for them. i hope i can find someone to use me again.

      • Ms. Nicole says:

        Hate having to suck cock and yet here you are wishing and a hoping like a horny slut that you can get used again. I hope they use that little slut hole of a mouth of yours real good this time hahaha!


        • pleasedegrademe says:

          Yes Mistress, I imagine some day sucking cock will be as natural as drinking water. I do have a love/hate relationship with cock. I still haven’t experienced having a man’s cock rammed up my ass. Lots of strap-ons, some done so painfully that it brought tears to my eyes. But not a real cock. I do often wonder what it will feel like the first time. I only hope when it happens that it will be video taped so that I can relive the humiliation over and over again forever.

  3. spoiledjenny says:

    I love the whole “But I’m straight” line. Seriously, you’re pathetic and you probably loved every second of it you nasty fat fuck. Hit the gym you’re lumpy and a cock sucking fag.
    Princess Jenny

    • pleasedegrademe says:

      Thank you Princess Jenny. i am working on starving myself so that i will be more acceptable as a fuck receptacle. That way i might be able to make money for all of you too.

  4. yeah… “forced bi blow job” haha yeah as if youre not a raging queer who loves big sweaty salty hanging walnuts bouncing off your chin… lol
    sooo gay!
    http://www.mistressMindy.com :spank:

  5. Meggerz says:

    Where are you located… I’d like to use you for clips…

  6. bryan says:

    i wanna be used in a video mistress meggerz..

  7. maharg ssegrub says:

    Hehe every real loser knows the only sex they can get is cock – get used to t and admit it I do

  8. Petal says:

    i too would like to be used for a video like this. i’m in chicago. and will be here all summer.

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