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  1. DominaKiara says:

    HAHAHAHA! I love to see a fellow Woman taking control! And the best part is, she doesn’t even have to deal with dating you lol!! I love blackmail, and she seems to as well xD

    Mistress Kiara

    • Gary oake says:

      it’s pretty much going to happen with my pictures (Thankfully non face shot!) Being show to the groups. she’s just waiting for certain menbers to get back from vacation because she wants to see what they’ll say. She’s also gotten a little sick of my whining..and has told me any more whining about being exposed..she wont tell me the detials..but she’s hatched a evil plan and in her own words
      “If i do this you’ll have a heart attack diaper boy”
      Took alot of groveling and pleading to get her to NOT do it last night..wehile it’s not so bad having to go KIsses feet* in MSN, appently if we see eachother IRL she exoects the same greeting now. ^^() I really put my foot in my mouth this time Mistress Kiara!

  2. spoiledjenny says:

    Who are you kidding you would love to have all your shots splattered around the internet! Shes going to end up outing you because a little bitch like you is aching for that attention.
    Such a loser in those nasty diapers.
    Princess Jenny

    • Gary oake says:

      *whines* I know Princess. even though i’m doing my best to behave and act like a good boy i know likly by the end of tonight i’m going to push my luck and have my stuipd ass outted. I’ll be crying and jerking it while it happens, begging her to stopbut hoping she keeps going

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