5 Responses to “First Time”

  1. omg haha you look like a rode hard sissy gilf from cheap 80s porn!!!

  2. caitlyn says:

    Princess Mindy,

    Thank You very much for Your comment, it is very much appreciated. As a sissy it’s natural to be so selfishly enjoying how good it feels to dress girly that it seems normal. First time ever sending pics from which I could be recognized and that too came from being so excited. Really glad you were entertained by this post as that’s i can hope to ever please a Woman in expressing my sexuality. Thank you again for taking the time and effort to respond.

  3. DominaKiara says:

    Excited at the thrill of someone possibly seeing your pics? It sounds like someone’s got a secret blackmail fetish… ;3

    Mistress Kiara

  4. spoiledjenny says:

    Look at what the trash dropped off! “well i swallow my own cummie” cummie? Gross, baby talk from a sperm eating whore. Dont worry no one is going to recognize or notice you in your shitty low grade photos.

  5. caitlyn says:

    Mistress Kiara is correct yet still too shy to share this secret.

    Thank you Spoiledjenny as a sissy and thus very childish and immature about sexual expression your comment is a blunt reminder of what Women would really think if brave enough to share more openly.

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