5 Responses to “Finally Did It”

  1. spoiledjenny says:

    Quite frankly if this is you in the photo you look better then many Woman Ive seen. Clearly this is perfect for you girl. I may need to give you some fashion tips though.

  2. DominaKiara says:

    Haha I agree, Jenny. he makes a cute she, but not so great in the fashion department. Love the resolution!

    Mistress Kiara

  3. Samantha says:

    Mistress Jenny, Mistress Kiara, thanks for the kind comments. Not an outfit I would normally wear but was an everyday look for New Year in a local bar. Be back in a dress next time out.

  4. UMM woah wow hello!
    I thought you were a chick and new here… woah you look better than some women!

    I could totally make make bank off you!!! $$$

  5. Samantha says:

    Thanks Princess Mindy,

    I’m not fulltime or anything but 2013 will see a lot more of me looking like that. Will keep going till no-one sees me as a man anymore. Just a lifestyle sissy


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