4 Responses to “Chastity for life or cuckold lifestyle for me?”

  1. spoiledjenny says:

    How much more of a low pathetic loser can you be? Look at you! On that alone personally I would allow you access to that little nub of a twig you’ve got because your sex life is already a sack of shit. Why not give you one of the “tiny” pleasures in life. That way it will keep you more grounded and able to tend to a proper Goddess. Nice shave job dickless.
    Love, Jenny

  2. Losers like you should ONLY be serving women.

    You truly have NOTHING else to offer.

  3. haha well no shit you havent got laid because that *thing* is so gross and tiny, its never going to get the action you wish it would…
    Anyway I think you should have some chastity play but not full time… I mean if having access to your little weenie makes you extra stupid, then duh! no!

  4. DominaKiara says:

    The obvious answer in My opinion is that you need to be put in chastity and serve a Goddess like Myself who knows just exactly where you stand in the grand scheme of things with that tiny little nothing in your pants lol!

    Mistress Kiara

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