6 Responses to “Caught and shown”

  1. MistressIvy says:

    I will just bet it does Sissy-boi. I see the Enslaved magazines on your wall. I am sure if you get enough attention you will get exactly what you fear and deserve. In fact, I wonder what the other Mistresses on this site will do with your information if I post it here!

    Mistress Ivy

    Oh, and just THINK about how easy it is to share the picture and information with those little buttons.

  2. Maddie says:

    I don’t know that they would do anything as it doesn’t look like anyone else even notices. I do think about those little buttons all the time. Mistress, may I take down the picture now?

  3. MistressIvy says:

    Awww Sissy sad because the other Goddesses not making comments? Maybe -they – have pushed those little buttons already. Maybe they have your picture on their private sites waiting for me to post your information so – they – can have fun and use you. I suggest you start checking their sites to see. Lastly, no Maddie or should I say “Matthew”, you may not take down the picture. LOL. That’s right sissy, I posted your real first name. More to come. *EG*

  4. Maddie says:

    oh god, Mistress, please no more. I will do as you say.

  5. MistressIvy says:

    Did you forget to do something sissy? Perhaps this will encourage you to follow directions.

    321-328-xxxx – I am posting another digit from your cell phone every 6 hours until you comply, AND should any of the other Mistresses on this site want your the whole thing to add to their file on you I will give it to them via private message for your disobiedience.

    Careful or you are going to end up “consensually” blackmailed by more than one person.

  6. MistressIvy says:


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