4 Responses to “Being afraid of exposure yet desiring it”

  1. Sissy slut says:

    Wow, you are so cute. I love your gorgeous sissy frock- pink and frills. I hope to buy a similar outfit this year. Regards your question I too have been in a similar situation. Twice I have thrown out my sissy toys and pretended to be a real man. But you just have to accept what you are a limp dicked sissy loser like me. Our purpose and reason for being is to serve, obey and entertain the superior female. So just focus on increasing your sissy skills and satisfying a chosen Mistress or Mistresses. Find an owner with a good training program and both you and she benefits. I think you have the dressing and the make-up really good- you look pretty cute and sexy. My focus at present is daily worship and I am learning some lap dance moves. Hopefully end of this year I will be able to be used as a sissy whore and earn Mistress lots of money. When I look at your pic I think cock whore- just go with it. Who cares if you are discovered one day- then you could become a full time sissy? Great opportunity!

  2. Samantha says:

    Love your pic. Super cute

  3. DominaKiara says:

    Obviously you should do as Mistress orders and post more pics….

    Mistress Kiara

  4. spoiledjenny says:

    Nice frocks, super frilly and the baby doll shoes are perfect. You look like a baby doll on an acid trip.

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