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Jeffrey Rossman, known online as sissyleahrossman, is a sissy faggot from Connecticut who loves to dress as a girl, with his legs shaved, and who wears bras, panties, pantyhose, skirts, and heels and who finds himself in love with boys. He wants to come out of the closet even though his family and friends have no idea he likes not only dressing as a girl but that he is a faggot who loves to please boys and who enjoys a hard cock in his mouth. Pleasing a boy just makes him feel all the more the sissy faggot he knows he is and now people who know him will find out likewise what Jeffrey has always been and will always be. Jeffrey has always been more fond of boys as he has always enjoyed kissing them and feeling them get hard. Sucking his first cock convinced him boys were more enjoyable than being with girls.

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