6 Responses to “Am i a big loser for paying to smell princess stinky feet /socks and hose”

  1. Alpha Princess Adrian says:

    Fuck YES you’re a big loser! I make MY stinky sock loving slaves PAY for My sweaty socks then DRINK them! :wink:

  2. hey nerd… yep you sound like a total geek who would love to sit in girls clothes while you obsess over socks… sooo http://www.mistressmindy.com

  3. bryan says:

    I would be Honored to pay you Princess adrian for your extra stinky socks to smell them in front of you and you laugh at me and i will drink ur dirty socks slow so i can tastew the dirty sweat of your princess feet … please humiliate me how much can i pay you for ur sox

    • Alpha Princess Adrian says:

      They only get REALLY sweaty and stinky after running in the same pair for a few days in a row. Especially if I wear old sweaty sneakers. But I usually end up selling those to My foot funk freaks anyways.

      • bryan says:

        Please princess im a huge loser that WI pay to smell ur stinky stinky sweaty socks please let me pay u for a pair please humiliate me with them can I buy a pair

  4. bryan says:

    and yes Princess mindy i love to wear girls clothes while i sniff their stinky shoes and hose and socks and really want your stinky sweaty socks pleaseeeeee Princess how much can i pay u for the honor of sniffing ur stinky princess sox

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