Okay so in the past few months I think I have fully realised my place in life as a sissy loser faggot, please let me know what you think. I suppose it helps when every woman I have ever managed to get into the bedroom has been so angry at me because my limp clitty stayed just that . . .limp, I have never masturbated like a real man in my life, I have only ever humped and moaned (pillows are my favourite) I have more panties than male underwear, No regular porn only humiliation and cuckoldry and of course my favourite gay. I constantly crave being exposed as the sissy loser I am, on all fours in the middle of a group of hot guys all jerking off onto my face.

Its time to admit I will never be in a real relationship isn’t it?

Sissy Liam xoxo

Submitted by Sissy Liam

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