3 Responses to “Admittance”

  1. Amber H says:

    Is it a relief to admit it to yourself? You are not a real man, you are a sissy and a factor…you know your place now and its on your knees before everyone…not just all men that are superior to you, but all women as well.

    There’s still a place for you, even sexually…you have two holes and a.pair of hands that you need to start using to pleasure people with. And you can’t be picky…old, hairy, smelly fat guys…whatever…its not your choice anymore who to pleasure…your place is to service whoever needs it in whatever way they want.

    Say goodbye to whatever manhood you might have had, embrace your faggoty little sissy self and get used as a cum dump. Doesn’t sound like anyone is going to miss the you that you used to be anyways.

  2. Sissy Liam says:

    Thank you Amber, you are correct I do need to embrace my faggoty sissy self, the world deserves to know that i am not a real man, i turn down date offers so i can hump pillows for hours on end, i crave degradation and humiliation, thank you again :D xoxo

  3. no way will you ever be in a normal real relationship haha as if!
    Lucky for you theres girls like Myself around who like taking advantage of and using losers like you! ;)

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