Blackmail Princess Mindy’s C4S

I’ve become so addicted to buying and watching Princess Mindy’s video clips from Her C4S site. i especially love Her Blackmail clips, but the are all great! The way she struts around, showing off Her “TO DIE FOR” sexy body, while She so confidently mocks me, telling me what a loser i am, and how much fun it will be to divulge all my personal information and humiliating secret perversions to someone who i can trust ( Princess Mindy ). She so arrogantly tells me that i can’t stop Her, and that i’m going to give Her everything She wants. Another favorite of mine is Her clip entitled ” Khloroform Sex “. With Her beauty, She asks one if the rag She has smells like Chloroform? The next thing you know, Princess Mindy is laughing at how stupid you are for willingly smelling the rag while She rapes your ass with Her huge strap on. And there’s nothing you can do but take it. i’ve purchased dozens of Her clips, i watch them while i hump the living room carpet, imagining it’s me She is talking directly to. It won’t be long before i really fill out one of Her blackmail applications, and click “send” while i’m in a frenzied state. Then my pathetic little sissy life, will belong to Her.


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