1. DominaKiara says:

    LOL wow, fucking pathetic! I love to see a pathetic sissy loser fag who knows his place, and Princess Mindy is one of the smartest bitches I know when it comes to putting you there LOL!

    Mistress Kiara

  2. woah look at my little sissy fan… very well done capturing my arrogance and writting about it! hahah I am pretty full of myself and it does come off so hot in clips… perhaps you should be the first mini Mindy
    http://www.mistressmindy.com/mini-mindy-sissy-training-assignment-phase-1 <<< Phase 1 for sissies.. Mini Mindy training!

  3. princessmandy says:

    Oh she looks so good to Mindy! What a sexy dolly you made :)

  4. Sissykins nessa says:

    Mistress Kiara, i’m sure You are 100 percent right! Princess Mindy, i could never come close to even being a mini You.Princess Mandy, thank You!

  5. maharg ssegrub says:

    As sissies go you are a hotly – so many look like Ernest goes tranny

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