accepting who i’am…

For all my life I’ve been a bed-wetter, mocked and humiliated… but over the years I’ve grown to enjoy all the attention it makes. I don’t always enjoyed wearing and wetting my nappies but I do really love acting like a real baby. I have a nappy supply, plastic pants, onesies, bottles etc… Not only do I like acting like a baby I love to be a sissy adult baby slave, my clothing collection is growing everyday and I even have my very own breast-forms, tehe… I have to admit i really don’t think i enjoy anything more than when i return to my true little sissy baby slut state that i know, deep down inside thats all i deserve to be ! I’ve done all sorts of public outings and even changings.
Ever since puberty I’ve always felt less superior, nervous and just shy around females. I guess thats because when it comes to down stairs, I only have a little itty bitty baby willy with very little bladder control even during the day as well. Yep obviously, I really don’t perform well in bed, either I blow way to quick, I can’t get it up or I get it all right and she just can’t feel me…( at lest one thing I can do good, well great really, is give head)… So as you could imagine I have been humiliated on many, many occasions over the years. I guess because of these things, I started to realise my place in the sexual food chain.
After being a bit lonely and realising I want something different I started going to a fetish house about three years ago. I wanted to go to actually see what it would be like to be a sissy ab slave all the time. After a nervous first couple of visits, I was so impressed, I really feel that, this was something I want in my life for real. All the sessions I went on were diaper involved, but we also started involving all sorts of other different things. Whippings and spankings, gagging, restraints, role playing and more. I’ve been humiliated and teased by a bunch of superior women about my baby appearance, tiny dic and wet nappy, It’s kinda who I’am. In one of the last visits I went to, I received my first strap-on session… well, poundings actually, I still can’t walk properly( Could be to do with the fact that I now have my own dildo, tehe).

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