3 Responses to “accepting who i’am…”

  1. haha holy shit you’re a real loser… peeing your pants, being a sissy and AB… I hope you have a big fat wallet because with out your mollah coming 1st no1 will ever want to even talk to you, look at you or even knowledge your presence!
    LoooZer! http://www.MistressMindy.com :money1:

    • phil says:

      I know PrincessMindy, it’s so embarrassing, I have like nearly no friends what so ever, yet I get teased and laughed at by so many random people. I make next to no money, so I can’t even buy friends or sex, I just really wish I didn’t have to wear a nappy all the time!!!

  2. TheAsianGoddess says:

    hahah pathetic baby gay bitch — AND broke ?? that’s a shame, at least you MAY have had ONE redeeming quality – NOPE.

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